Looters Have Started Returning Stolen Money- Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari comfirm during is working visit to Iran that looters of Nigeria treasury has started returning their loots voluntarily.He also reiterate his resolve his commitment to tackle corruption and to ensure that a whole and not a fraction of the money stolen are returned.

He did not list the names or amount returned by Government officials in question.

Buhari also did not reveal how much had so far been returned to Nigeria’s treasury.
The president stated that unlike what was appropriate in 1985 when he was a military head of state that suspects could be imprisoned while being probed, democracy and rule of law do not encourage that.

He said: “ On corruption; yes, they (the past government officials) are still innocent.
“But, we are collecting documents and some of them have started voluntarily returning something. But we want all.
“When we get those documents, we will formally charge them to court and then we will tell Nigerians to know those who abused trust when they are entrusted with public funds.
“So, the day of reckoning is gradually approaching.”

President Buhari also pledged to deal conclusively with saboteurs who are destroying pipelines and stealing crude oil.
“I believe if you are in touch back at home, you would have been told that already there is some improvement in power,” he noted.
“ We haven’t said anything to them yet. I think they only find it sensible or appropriate for them to try and improve the power.

“I’m sure you know about the privatisation of the power sector; your old friends NEPA or Power Holding Company of Nigeria have been sold to a number of interest groups.
“Those who normally steal Nigerian crude and those who blow up installations, whether they call themselves militants or whatever, they are still there,” he said.

Nigeria and other GECF members now account for 42 % of global gas production, 70 % of global gas reserves, 40 % of pipeline transmission of gas and 65 % of the global trade in Liquefied Natural Gas.

President Buhari is expected back to Nigeria on November 24, Tuesday.

SOURCE:Naij, Gistmie