A 20 year old assaulted his girlfriend for refusing sex after an expensive valentine’s day date


‐ Rhys Weatherburn booked a room to share with girlfriend Shannon Fidge

‐ The couple went out for dinner but became embroiled in an argument

‐ ­Ms Fidge insisted she was going to bed when they arrived back at £320 room

‐­ But Weatherburn demanded they had sex, assaulting her when she refused

‐ Her screams alerted security who ejected the 20-year-old from the hotel

Rhys Weatherburn a 20 year old has booked a room in one of the world’s most exclusive hotels, The Ritz in London for his partner Shannon Fidge.

He was forced out of the hotel after beating his girlfriend who has refused to sleep with him following an argument over dinner, where he lost his temper, howling causes at her while asking for sex. Afraid for her life, she screamed out so loud for help that guest from neighboring room called security. While Weatherburn was escorted out of the hotel premises he smashed a window.

Nicola Flint, prosecuting, told Westminster Magistrates’ Court: ‘The defendant and the complainant, who have been in a relationship for around a year and a half, were staying at the hotel for Valentine’s Day.

‘They had a meal earlier in the evening and had an argument. ‘He left the complainant on her own in central London for around ten minutes.’When the couple returned to the hotel – where rooms cost a minimum of £320-a-night – Miss Fidge got herself ready for bed.Weatherburn then told her he wanted sex, insisting that she was being stupid when she refused.He told her to ‘f****** shut up’, adding:’We are in a hotel, we are going to have sex.Ms Flint said: ‘Weatherburn shook her arms aggressively and pushed her onto the bed. ‘

Ms Flint said police had twice previously been called out to deal with domestic incidents with Weatherburn and Miss Fidge after he had been drinking.

But the prosecutor said Miss Fidge, from Maidstone, Kent, was currently ‘not sure whether or not they will remain in a relationship’. Weatherburn admitted assault by beating and criminal damage to property. Chairman of the bench Jeffrey Manton said: ‘You are a man of 20 years of age who is of good character.’While this bench didn’t react to be called “you guys”, another might not be so lenient, and you must call them Sir or Madam.’

He then explained to Weatherburn that the court will do what they can to help him with his drinking problem.’The fact that you were drunk makes it worse,’ Mr Manton added. ‘We do understand you are a young man with your whole life ahead of you. You have asked for help, and we want to help.’ Weatherburn, of Tonbridge, Kent, will return to Westminster Magistrates Court for sentencing on March 2.


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