Alibaba gushes over his daughter winning best overall in Igbo language in her class despite been a native of Delta


It’s a proud father moment for comedian Alibaba as his daughter Akpevwoghene emerges the best student in Igbo language in her class.

The girl, who is from Urhobo in Delta state, scored higher than her Igbo classmates in Igbo language subject.

Her father shared a video of her collecting her award at school and added the caption, “My girl Akpevwoghene… overall best student, and she beat all Igbo children to win.”

Alibaba has also taken to his Instagram page to celebrate his wife who just turned 50.

He has since today posted over 10 pictures of his  wife in commemoration of her birthday and her official launch and fundraiser which would take place today.

Alibaba took out time to write this for his wife

‘Happy 50th Birthday to @mummymary_. You deserve a huge celebration. You have persevered. You have laboured. You worked hard. You sacrificed. You prayed. You hustled. You put in the time. You were bruised. You were discounted… still you rose. Above everything. You had God. You had friends. You had mentors. You had family. You had guts. You have it all… so happy 50th Birthday my MTO… MaryB… MaBrandi… love you scatter. ‘

Watch the video below;