Angry Husband Cuts-Off Manhood Of Wife’s Lover


In this appalling story, an angry husband in Kenya has reportedly chopped off the manhood of a 26 year-old man who he caught with his wife.

The bitter husband, Joseph Waswa reportedly severed the private part of one David Barasa of Nalondo village, after he caught the victim with his wife Gladys Wafula.

Waswa reportedly returned home unannounced from Nzoia sugar factory where he works, but Wafula, 43, refused to open the door for him.

The apprehensive husband raised and the neighbors who gathered to heed his call, threatened to break down the door.

It was at their rancorous banging that the wanton wife reluctantly opened the door. To the surprise of the husband, Barasa was found on his bed drunk and stack naked.

According to The Star, the villagers descended on the 26-year-old, a development which escalated into his testicles being crashed with a hammer before his manhood was cut off.

The neighbours said that Wafula was a notorious loose woman who was in the habit of bringing men home.

Barasa was later rushed to Bungoma hospital in critical condition and is currently receiving treatment.

However, Wafula escaped a beating, having fled while the crowd was occupied with her 26-year-old lover.

SOURCE: Naij, Gistmie