Dwayne Johnson is a Nigerian in Rampage


Rampage centers it’s story line on one big hearted guy and his emotional bro apemance with George, the albino gorilla was accidentally administered an illegal genetic supersizer drug and he starts growing like a sinister mix of Alien and Elsa from Born Free.

Johnson plays Davis Okoye who was adopted by a Nigerian family, his casually confident masculinity is as impressive as his scientific expertise in the field of primatology at the San Diego nature reserve.

Having once been a special forces hombre, tackling poachers, Davis has chosen to retrain as a zoo guy, albeit one built like a brick convenience. It is here that he teaches younger postgraduates, including hot younger women whose interest in him gets politely rebuffed in the service of underlining his heterosexual family-movie leading male credentials.

Dwayne Johnson is happy with what he did on Rampage and he said he wanted the last name Okoye to pay homage to one of his all time NFL football players Christian Okoye also known as the Nigerian Nightmare

Rampage premieres in Nigeria tomorrow 13th April 2018