Fuel Scarcity To Get Worse-Marketers Tell Nigerians


The current fuel crisis in Nigeria is sadly expected to grow worse according to one the marketers.He insinuated that the Federal Government has not been sincere in dealing with the issue and has allowed the averrage man on the street to suffer.This is what he said:Nigerians should hold the Federal Government responsible for the sufferings they are currently passing through,” one marketer said.
“This government was aware of outstanding subsidy claims from their first day in office, but they had to wait for six months, until Nigerians could no longer bear the suffering in silence, before they took any action,” The Nigeria first man President Buhari is the substantive minister for Petroleum and he has said that he intends to bring sanity to the industry.
However,some stakeholders are not happy and one said the Federal Government has refused to fix the refineries because there is massive wealth to be ill gotten from the importation of petroleum products.
“They are knowingly boycotting the refineries,” she said. “They make more money with importation due to corruption and fraud,” she added.