Meet Audu’s Teenage Wife Whose Dream Of Becoming Kogi Ist Lady Is Shattered


Olivia a teenage  half-caste’s dream to become a first lady of Kogi state has have been abruptly ended due to the death of her husband who was leading the gubernatorial polls before his sudden demise on Sunday.

When a photo of Abubaka Audu and his much younger wife went viral many months back, many were left wondering and confused as to whether she was his daughter or wife. Alas, the release of a second photo cleared the confusion and  the true story was revealed. She wasn’t his daughter but his third wife. Her name is Olivia and she is an half-caste. She hails from the Tiv-part of Benue State as her mum is from Ugba/Unongo family. She is an undergraduate of UNIJOS.


In 2010, Audu was alleged to have abandoned his wife, Mrs. Aisha Audu with her 3 children in the US. Aisha then filed a paper at the District Court of Maryland Montgomery County where she sought protective order against Prince Audu accusing him of assault.