Or What Do You Think?


Our today’s feature writing centers on THE SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE (Daniel 6:3)

Then this Daniel was distinguished above the presidents and the satraps because an EXCELLENT SPIRIT was in him, and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.(amp)

Excellence is the quality of BEING outstanding or extremely good in whatever one does. It is about, BEING your best- by nurturing the culture of Doing things well.

The Spirit of Excellence is that inner push, that inward drive that motivates you to intentionally set values for distinction, brilliance, and significance.

Striving for Excellence is an integral makeup of the New Creation Man. It is, that inward restlessness, that enables the believer put quality into everything he does. It’s the ATTITUDE that keeps separating you from mediocrity, so you can achieve rapid strides and distinction… The spirit of excellence.

When The Spirit of Excellence rests upon you, it emphasizes on your BEING before your DOING.

8 Things The Excellent Spirit does:

1) Matching Your Behavior with Values. This is INTEGRITY. Everything we say and do reflects our values.

2) Using INITIATIVE to act on opportunity. Lead yourself before leading others. Be a self starter.

3) SPEAK GOOD WITH PURPOSE. Use kind and honest words. Think before you speak. Speak with sincere intentions.

4) Make the Most of MOMENTS. Focus on going the extra mile.

5) Be COMMITTED TO YOUR DREAMS. Follow your life’s Vision without wavering. Stick in there with God.

6) Take RESPONSIBILITY. Stop blame trading. Be responsible for your thoughts, feelings, words and action.

7) Do Things DIFFERENTLY. Be willing to change to achieve your life’s goals. Add style and swag.

8) Live in The BALANCE. Be mindful
of yourself and others while focusing on what is important. Your spirit, soul and body is nurtured by the choices you make.

So, live the excellent life. Daniel did. Joseph did, and Jesus too. You have an Excelling Spirit living inside you. Cruise with Him and be distinguished. Its your season to excel. Just do it now.

So what do you think?