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2 John 1:8

LOOK TO YOURSELVES, that we do not lose those things we worked for, but [that] we may receive a full reward.

1839, is the date generally accepted by scholars as the birth year of practical photography. Photos came as ‘Still Pictures’ for many years until its revolution to ‘Motion Pictures’. Photography has grown to become a multi billion dollar industry.

In those days, however, Cameras snapped only from the Forward Mode. The photographer focuses the lens on the object and captures the image by clicking the shutter. But today, cameras are designed to take pictures both from the Forward and Reverse modes. The photographer can now snap himself as he snaps others. SELFIES have come to stay with us.

But, come to think of it.. Isn’t Life similar to photography. It is like the modern day camera that snaps both on the Forward and Reverse or Selfie mode.

Here is the point:
1) Very many people FOCUS their camera on an object. They blame someone else for their predicament. They focus on their spouses as the reason for the failed or failing relationship. They zoom the reason they lost jobs on their bosses. They complain that their educational level was because their parents didn’t train them.

2) But, anytime a camera focuses on an object and the shutter is clicked on, the IMAGE IS CAPTURED. I know many who have captured wrong images of others because of a perceived wrong done them. Many are living in unforgiveness, holding on to issues. More have deliberately refused the wounds of hurt to heal. It’s become a baggage of garbage they seem resolved to carry.

But Apostle John said, everyone should LOOK to HIMSELF. What did he intend.

1) He wants you to Put the camera on yourself and not on somebody else. See where you were wrong in that matter and take responsibility. He said, you’d need SELFIES. Self justification hasn’t helped in building relationships that’ll last. Take responsibility for your action or inaction. Take charge of yourself.

2) When you put the camera on yourself, it shows your DIRECT IMAGING. No one knows you the way you know yourself. Only courageous men put the lens on themselves. They take responsibility for their actions. They want to work the rough edges of their image. They want to be better.

Its a buck passing world we live in today. Adam passed the buck to Eve, and she to the serpent. Everyone participates in the The Blame Game as either a player or a fan of some sort. People trade blame like commodities. The trade wind of blame, subtly, sips into every home and indeed every heart.

Call to remembrance John’s little advice: LOOK TO YOURSELVES, that we do not lose those things we worked for, but [that] we may receive a full reward.

Do you realize how, many people have lost what they worked for, simply because they refused to do life’s SELFIES. How many families have been broken because one spouse focused the lens on the other.

This is my take. Life will be better lived when you constantly and intentionally SELFIE your own chequered images, to find ways at resolving your INTERNAL issues, rather than, focusing your lens on the other person. Jesus said, you should remove the beam in your eyes, then can you remove the dust particles in your neighbors eye.

The truth is simple, people fear the monster images of themselves they’d see if they took the SELFIES..and so, everyone becomes comfortably settled into that self deceit of passing the buck. John wants you to put the lens on yourself before examining the other.

So what do you think?

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