What Mobile Apps can do for your business


The advantages of deploying a mobile App for your business can never be overemphasized.This is so because more that 65% of Nigerians are browsing with mobile phones,tablets and other handheld devices.

This report takes a closer look on how a mobile Apps can bring more profits to business:

Big businesses are smart. That’s probably how they became big. Many of them have Chief Technology Officers who not only have many years of training and experience but are paid the big bucks to use technology as a gateway to economic success. It is no surprise then that many big businesses have mobile apps available to their customers. But as a small business owner, your budget might not even have room for an intern, how much more a CTO?

Mobile Apps the driving force behind modern profit making business
Mobile Apps the driving force behind modern profit making business

But the amazing thing is that you don’t need a CTO to tell you to develop an app for your business, and you don’t need a huge budget to develop an app. In actual fact, if your business constantly relates with customers in the main stream and is open to even more customers, building an app is the way to go.

The reasons are endless. Nigeria has over 160 million mobile phone lines in operation. It is also a haven for smart phones, eighty four percent of which are connected to the internet. This means that more and more people can have access to your goods and services than ever before. Having a mobile app does wonders for your brand, giving it more prominence and credibility.

To get started, put all your ideas down on paper, answering the most important questions. What good or service does your business provide? What is the target market of your app? Would you like to limit the app to existing customers or would it be open to potential customers as well? Would you like the app to have a community? What exactly do you hope to achieve with your app?

What features in the app would be beneficial to your business? Be sure to put down everything you have in mind. Next, speak to an app developer you know to discuss the workability of your ideas. In case you don’t know a developer, there are lots of reliable sites that can help with your app.

Another thing you must do is have a database of your already existing customers. People who already know your business are more likely to use your app than those who do not. Be sure to make your app free. You’re more likely to improve your ratings on google, android and apple stores when you do. Besides, why should people pay you for the opportunity to do business with you. Beyond that, reward customers for downloading and using the app.

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