Zahra Buhari Wedding cancelled indefinitely


News from close sources at Aso Rock has it that Buhari daughter’s wedding to Billionaire son-in-law to be Indimi has been can postponed indefinitely.

Mohammed Indimi and Zahra Buhar
Mohammed Indimi and Zahra Buhar

The story has it that the country number one man, President Muhammadu buhari who is rather conservative in nature was not pleased with the rather ostentatious gift from Idimu family, especially the media attention it received.

Though the preliminary introduction ceremony was successfully held at Aso Villa, on friday 18 November, the main ceremony scheduled for 4th December  will not hold as planned.

The Family of the multi-billion businessman Indimi sent a customized boxes valued at a whooping N44 million to the Buhari’s just this week.

Mohammed Indimi and Zahra Buhar
Mohammed Indimi and Zahra Buhar

Further information from close sources has it that President Buhari is uncomfortable with the relationship of soon-father-in-law Alhaji Mohammed Indimi with former President General Ibrahim Babangida as well as his source of wealth.

Burari may have been listening to political advisers and it is anticipated that announcement of new dates for the wedding occasion may never come.


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